2018 04 CFC schedule jpgCrossFit Main: Not your typical CrossFit.  Whatever your fitness level, this program is for you!  With some of the lowest injury rates in the fitness industry, our specially designed program has been proven to keep you safe, motivate you, and get you in the best shape of your life.  Workout variation shouldn’t come from picking workouts out of a hat.  Our program is created from the latest research-based techniques used by top athletes, specially designed to be effective for everyone, from beginners to competitive athletes.  Small classes and expert coaching.

Bootcamp:  Complement your CrossFit.  Sharpen your game: joint stability, balance, movement and jumping mechanics, agility, speed, rotational strength and range of motion.  Everything missing from your “standard” CrossFit training.  Get your heart pumping with movements proven to protect you from injury.

Gymnastics: Always wanted to be a gymnast?  Of course you have.  Gain flexibility and core strength.  Learn how to do actual gymnastics skills through drills and technique training.  No prior experience needed

Olympic weightlifting: Refine your technique with skill work and drills.  Improve your form, increase your flexibility, get stronger.  Make your weightlifting safer and more effective.

Strength training: A weight training program designed to increase your base strength.

Pilates: Classical Mat Pilates.  Stretch, strengthen, stabilize, improve performance, prevent injury.  Mind over body with Joseph Pilates’ timeless Contrology program.  Taught by 3rd generation classical instructor Kory Crawford.

Human Strength: Human Strength is a Phoenix Multisport, nonprofit, campaign designed to support those who are healing from a substance use disorder and those who choose to pursue a sober lifestyle through CrossFit. Class is free and open to anyone who is 48 hours clean and sober.


Fitness Through Boxing — Unleash Your Inner Strength

Boxing is a full body conditioning workout where you can burn an easy 700 calories while learning proper footwork, punch combinations and defensive movement that includes bob/ weave and slipping drills plus specific strengthening exercises for speed and agility in a circuit format. You’ll work with a heavy bag, handheld weights, medicine balls and personal mitt work with the coach, but this is not a class about getting hit or sparring. The benefits of boxing are many – the most important is having fun while getting in great shape, releasing tension and frustration, improving coordination and increasing balance.

Boxing can even enhance your sports performance in other activities such as cycling, running golf, tennis and skiing. Plus, boxing is a terrific “off-season” indoor alternative when the weather doesn’t allow participation in outside sports.

Open to all fitness levels. No experience necessary.

Handwraps and gloves will be available for purchase. If you have your own, please bring to class.