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CrossFit Main
CrossFit, Exercising, Pull-Ups

No experience needed! Seriously. Because of our small class sizes and two coaches per class, this class is perfect for beginners as well as experienced CrossFitters. You can expect a specific warm-up tailored to the movements you’ll be performing that day ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. The workout of the day (or WOD, if you want to start learning CrossFit terminology ;)) after that will often include a lift (which we have a specific cycle for load and reps) and then what is often called the MetCon (metabolic conditioning). The duration and intensity for the MetCon is also programmed on a specific cycle so you will get a variety of long, short and interval workouts. This will include any number of movements and types of weights (ex: bodyweight, barbell, db, kettlebell, medball, dball). Each work out can be tailored to any fitness level. 

BootCamp, CrossFit, Push-Ups

You can expect to do cardio, as the name suggests ;), and circuit training. Running, rowing, and/or jump roping will always be included in the class. We focus on unilateral and rotational movements to improve jumping mechanics, agility, speed, rotational strength, and rom, balance, joint stability.  5 or 6-minute circuits (1 min per station) allow each person to work these skills at their own pace. 

CrossFit, Gym, Gymnastics, Handstand

Always wanted to be a gymnast?  Of course you have.  Gain flexibility and core strength.  Learn how to do actual gymnastics skills through drills and technique training.  No prior experience needed!

Olympic Weightlifting
Olympic Weightlifting, Squat, Snatch, Weights

The Snatch and the Clean and Jerk: the most complex (and intimidating) of the CrossFit barbell lifts.  In this class, we take the time to break these movements down with skill work and drills designed to make you faster, stronger and more efficient, so you can lift heavier and safer with confidence!  For beginners just trying to figure out which end of the bar is which, and for experts trying to fine-tune their technique.

Strength Training
Kettlebell, Gym, Workout, Arm Workout

Based on the Wendler strength program, this class features a rotating schedule of barbell lifts with additional accessory exercises.  Work at your own pace with no running clock.  Whatever your goal, getting stronger will help get you there.

Gym, Execise, Mobiliy, Squat Stretch, Planking

A whole hour of stretching? You’ve got it! This class uses traditional gymnastics stretches combined with myofascial foam rolling and deep tissue release techniques to create flexibility, better alignment, and more efficient movement.  If you are looking for better posture, improved performance, and a reduced risk of injuries, this is the class for you.

Phoenix Rising 
Phoenix Rising, Execise, Sobriety, Gym

Phoenix Rising is a Phoenix Multisport, nonprofit campaign designed to support those who are healing from a substance use disorder and those who choose to pursue a sober lifestyle through CrossFit. This event is free and open to anyone who is 48 hours clean and sober.

Personal Training
Hand-Stand, Personal Training, Gym, Exercise

If a one-on-one workout is more of what you're looking for, our personal training is for you. We will help you to not only set realistic goals but to reach them.  We will safely guide you, step by step throughout your workouts to obtain the best results possible.

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