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Steve's Testimony

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

The best career decision I ever made was the decision I made 1 year after retiring. I had sat in an airplane seat or behind a desk for 30+ years. It turns out that retirement can be a bit tricky (what is my purpose in life, etc. etc.). I had a successful engineering career in large part due to my personal drive and initiative… and then a year after retiring, my wife (of 30 years) gently pointed out some of my recent emotional and physical behaviors… declines that I wasn’t seeing on my own. So, at 60 years old, I grudgingly decided to begin CrossFit Cielo. I felt that I would be embarrassed in a group class, so I started one-on-one with my coach, DK, just the two of us in the CrossFit Cielo gym. At my first workout, I could not jump rope, I could do two pushups, three sit-ups and run for about 20 seconds, maximum… out-of-gas. The first two months of work were one of the most difficult things I have ever done- but, just twice per week, for an hour each time, I kept on doing them. Initial muscle soreness kept me awake some nights, I was frustrated at how little I could do, and I was embarrassed at how physically awkward I was. Friends would say, “Are you kidding me, CrossFit Cielo for you?”

"14 months later I’m doing 120 sit-ups (in sets of 20), 100 jump rope (single-unders), I can make my cardio last 25minutes, and I can clean-and-jerk more than 100lbs over my head (more than I could lift in high school). But more importantly, my drive and initiative is back, and I am happier."

My waist is two inches smaller and my chest is two inches larger, my weight is the same but my body mass index has improved by several points. At my last physical exam, my doctor actually praised me and smiled. I buy the tailored-slim-fit blue oxford shirt now. People have noticed. I could not have done this on my own or with some DVD-home-program. My coach, DK, is one of the best “bosses” I have ever had (in my 40 year engineering career). He is a biomedical engineer and math whiz too. Somehow, magically, DK makes me want to work hard for him, and as a result gets at least three times more work out of me than I would get from just myself; he keeps me safe at every moment, and it is never the “drill-sergeant” routine- for me DK has been my “magical motivator”. He has put me through at least 60 different CrossFit Cielo movements (exercises) and knows exactly where I’m “at”. Amazingly, I still improve each month… I have not reached a plateau… I added 40 pounds to my deadlift just last month! Don’t misunderstand, the workouts are difficult and exhausting, but the results I have achieved are worth ten times more in overall health than what I have paid. Go have a chat with CrossFit Cielo.

Steve Adams Superior, Colorado

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