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Jill Leary's Testimony

My knowledge of CrossFit was limited when I met dk and Bailey. As a senior citizen and a relative novice in the fitness realm, I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and just plain lucky that I found CrossFit Cielo. My training has involved all aspects of physical fitness from weights to balance and flexibility.

I first met dk in March 2016. Knee pain led to a diagnosis of osteo-arthritis with joint replacement surgery as a solution. My orthopedic doctor said the cartilage in my left knee had eroded, leaving the joint bone on bone. I was encouraged to go to PT, which I had done before. I did not like the idea of surgery at that point and didn’t feel it was necessary. I was referred to dk by a family member and my training began. I asked dk to help me strengthen the supporting structures around my knees and he expanded that to include the entire body. dk had a different workout planned for each of my weekly personal training sessions, incorporating a variety of strengthening exercises, balance maneuvers (we all need this as we age), and aerobic activity for cardiovascular health. This augmented my usual gym routine. As a health care professional, I wanted to know all the physiologic detail behind the exercises performed. dk has a background in teaching and formal education in biomedical engineering that allows him to explain this in terms that are easy to understand. He has customized the training sessions to meet my needs as an older adult. Now, more than 3 years later, I am more flexible and much stronger. Best of all, I have not needed joint replacement surgery.

Some in my age range (closer to 70 than 60) may worry about feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed in a CrossFit gym. No need to feel that way at Cielo. There are people of all ages and abilities. All are made to feel welcome and congratulated for their accomplishments. Goals are different and individualized for each of us.

I am committed to continuing my fitness journey with dk and Bailey. The benefits of feeling better and preserving mobility and function are a powerful motivating force to make this a priority. Stop in and talk with dk or Bailey. You will leave impressed and on the verge of something great!

Jill doing front squats

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