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Mobility March - Week 2

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Alright, you’ve made it into part two of Mobility March. Whoop Whoop! Days 9-16 stretches are calves and feet and ankles.

:30 ea side gargoyle stretch (rock back and forth, and rotate side to side) :30 ea side hang heel off a stair calf stretch :30 kneeling with toes under, (for arches) :30 kneeling with toes pointed (for ankles), lean back for more stretch, lift a knee if needed :30 ea side roll bottom of foot, standing on foam roller or seated with a lax ball/rolling pin/can of peas/etc. :30 ea side point and flex foot while smashing achilles/calf interface with edge of coffee table/can of peas/etc. :30 ea side gargoyle stretch again (rock back and forth, and rotate side to side)

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