Bailey Wright, Owner & Head Coach

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ACE Certified Personal Trainer
NFHS Certified Coach

Bailey is a former gymnast and coach. She has coached a wide range of club gymnasts from rec to high level optional girls. She competed as a gymnast for 13 years, where she consecutively placed in the top 5 in the All-around and Individual events at State and Regional Championships.

She appreciates CrossFit for its emphasis on functionality: fitness and health as multi-dimensional, with the proper balance of components to create positive change physiologically, mentally, and in the overall quality of one’s life.Bailey tailors her coaching style and training to each individual’s needs and motivations; aligning exercise, duration, rest and nutrition to achieve each person’s fitness goals.

“Being a part of a person’s journey and helping create positive change through fitness is one of the main reasons I love what I do.”

Bailey graduated from University of Colorado-Boulder with a BA in Psychology and grew up in Evergreen, Colorado. In addition to CrossFit, she coaches one-on-one and group sessions in gymnastics and fitness. Contact Bailey at


Dave Kim, Owner & Coach

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NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Dave is a former high school math and science teacher; and wrestling, cross country, and rowing coach. He was introduced to CrossFit by a friend and colleague, who was a retired Marine Colonel, in Massachusetts.  Upon relocating to Colorado, he applied his teaching and coaching skills to personal training and group fitness.  Recognizing how difficult it is to make changes in nutrition and exercise on one’s own, he encourages clients to work together with family and close friends as their biggest supporters.  With CrossFit Cielo, he envisions a community- and family-focused CrossFit, where people of all fitness levels and abilities can train in a safe and effective manner, using techniques and training protocols that are evidence based, and medically appropriate for their specific needs and goals.

Dave grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and lived most of his adult years on the east coast. His formal education in human physiology and exercise began at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, where he graduated with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and was a member of the National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society, Alpha Eta Mu Beta.  As a college athlete, Dave was the captain of the varsity wrestling team, and rowed on the varsity crew.  He has taught and coached at elite high schools, including Phillips Exeter Academy, the Taft School, and Thayer Academy.  He has coached wrestling, crew, cross country, track, swimming, weight training, boxing, and general fitness for almost two decades.  Although much of his early career was spent training competitive athletes, his current focus is helping people reverse early markers for heart disease and diabetes.

Contact him at


Kory Crawford, Pilates Instructor


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Kory graduated from The Pilates Center in Boulder in 2010, where she is currently a Host Advisor.   She is a third generation classical Pilates instructor.  She started her athletic career as a competitive cross country runner, New England champion triple-jumper, and basketball player, and understands the aches, pains, and injuries that can accompany intense physical activities.  She specializes in pre- and postnatal exercise; corrective exercises for feet;

and injury recovery and prevention.  Kory’s guiding principal and reason for teaching is to enable everyone to live a pain-free life.

Contact her at