September Indian Club Challenge

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September Indian Club Challenge

Do a full set of 20 reps in each direction each day for all our Indian Club movements (use a lighter club for the * movements):



Side circles

Front + back circles

Back circles

*Figure 8s (one direction only)


August Posterior Chain Challenge

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August Posterior Chain Challenge
For the August challenge, we are working on developing posterior chain strength.  The focus should be on proper posture and movement, not on load or speed.  Be especially careful of the Jefferson Curls; they can be dangerous if performed too quickly or with too much weight (meaning you cannot round up any of the percentages below).  If the weight feels too easy then you’re wrong: go slower!  Do one movement each day, rotating through the three movements (three day cycle).

A)  3×10 slow good mornings + 1 sec hold at bottom @14% or less of DL 1RM
B)  3×10 super slow Jefferson curls @7% or less of DL 1RM
C)  3×10 hamstring drops (Russian Leans), keep ‘em light and smooth

July Sprints and DU/TU Challenge

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July Sprints and double-under/triple-under Challenge

Do 9 sets of sprints on 9 different days (3 of each sprint distance) throughout the month.  Sprints may not be done on consecutive days, so space them out!  Time yourself on the sprints.  Attempt to find a pace for each sprint distance that is the fastest pace that you can maintain for all the sets in the workout.  Do not go “all out” on the last sprint of the workout; just try to hit the same pace (the risk of injury outweighs the benefit of the boost to your ego…).  Record your times and compare them to the times later in the month

On the non-sprint days, grab your jump rope and do double-unders or triple-unders: your choice.  The number of DUs = 10 x date, or the number of TUs = 4 x date.

Sprint Days 1, 4, & 7) 9x100m: 3 warm up sets/6 working sets, rest as needed between sprints
Sprint Days 2, 5, & 8) 8x200m: 2 warm up sets/6 working sets, rest as needed between sprints
Sprint Days 3, 6, & 9) 5x400m: 1 warm up set/4 working sets, rest as needed between sprints

If you want to do sprints here at the box, feel free to use the following maps.  If you are doing them at home and want a good mapping tool, check out

CFC 400m sprint CFC 200m sprint CFC 100m sprint

June Dip Challenge

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June Challenge: Dips!

Ring dips, box dips, p-bar dips, use bands, support your weight a little with your feet, any kind of dips you want.  Get a full range of motion which will vary depending on your shoulder and elbow flexibility.  Make sure that the shoulders are actively pulled back, especially at the bottom of the dip.  If you are keeping your shoulders pulled back, it should also prevent the elbows from getting too wide.

Avoid strain in your elbows by stretching the internal rotation of your shoulders.  Laying on your right side to keep the right shoulder pinned down, put your arm straight out in front of you, then bend the elbow to 90 deg, use your left hand to push your palm down in the direction of your feet.  Alternatively, you can try the following stretch: lay on your back and place your hand (palm down) under your hip, then squeeze your shoulder back to try to get your shoulder blade to lay flat on the floor.

Be aware of soreness in your elbows: if the lateral part of your forearms and triceps close to the elbow start getting sore, back off and do more stretching!  If soreness gets into the gap between the bones in the elbow joint, stop immediately!

Week 1: do 40 dips every day
Week 2: do 20 dips every day with the following tempo:4 sec negative, 1 sec push
Week 3: do 30 dips every day with the following tempo: 2 second negative, 2 second push
Week 4: do 20 dips every day with a 2 second hold at the bottom
29th day: do 40 russian dips
30th day: do 20 muscle up transitions