May Squat Challenge

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And May’s Challenge is… Squats!

Last piece of Murph prep :)
Squats are good for the soul, so lets do 50 squats everyday!

week 1 – 50 regular old air squats
Make sure you are not going so fast that you miss depth at the bottom or full hip extension at the top (but keep your abs tight; full hip extension does not mean you are arching your back!).

week 2 – 50 weighted squats (20#/14#)
Use any kind of weight you can get your hands on.  A weight vest is preferred, but you can use a bar or dumbbells or some big soup cans or a 5 gallon jug of water (1 gal of water is about 8.33 pounds)

week 3 – 50 air squats w/2 second hold at the bottom
Make it a legitamate 2 seconds, and make it deep, but stay tall and don’t let your lumbar round.

week 4- 50 wall facing air squats
Keep your arms straight and right by your ears.  Get as close to the wall as you can while maintaining your form.

May 29th: Memorial Day  “Murph”