Who should join

CrossFit Cielo is built on the idea that anyone should be able to improve their fitness no matter where they're at. We'll meet your needs whether it's training for your triathlon, recovering from surgery, or maintaining your fitness.

Why CrossFit Cielo?

We combine the latest fitness, nutrition, and physiology research that have been proven in the field. We love studying! We talk to doctors, physical therapists, and listen to your feedback to improve what we do. Our approach emphasizes practices that prevent injuries and improve the quality of your life.

Get Your WOD

Yup. We're all about having fun while we push our physical and mental limits. Come visit Streets Fitness to speak with one of our staff any day of the week, or check our schedule for CrossFit times and try it out! You can also view our Facebook page to see what we're up to at CF Cielo!