April Hold Challenge

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April Hold Challenge

Each week will be a different isometric hold.  Accumulate one minute in that hold each day, plus do 10 shoulder shrugs in that position with as large a range of motion as possible without bending the elbows.

Week 1: support hold on rings + 10 shrugs

Week 2: support hold in plank + 10 shrugs

Week 3: support hold on bar + 10 shrugs

Week 4: hanging hollow hold + 10 shrugs

Mobility March!

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Mobility March

Let’s mobilize!

Week 1 (days 1-8):
1:00 barrel stretch
1:00 “T” doorway stretch
1:00 ea side bully band stretch
1:00 ea side triceps band stretch
Week 2 (days 9-16):
1:00 ea side pigeon lunge
1:00 ea side hamstring stretch
1:00 seated straddle stretch
:30 ea side reach to one side in straddle
:30 ea side lean to one side in straddle


February False Grip Challenge

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February false grip challenge
week 1 (days 1-7) 10 wrist rockers in every position
week 2 (8-14) 10 false grip ring rows (knuckles completely together- pull to BOTTOM of  rib cage) use as much leg as you need
week 3 (15-21) 10 Indian club helicopters ea way + 5 “wrist push ups”
week 4 (22-28) accumulate 1:00 in false grip hang (feet down or foot down for mod)

Release Boxing Boulder with Coach Robert

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Release Boxing Boulder with Coach Robert at CrossFit Cielo

Fitness through Boxing is focused on learning proper punch combinations, footwork and stance. This is all performed with heavy bag work, shadow boxing and in partnership with your coach using hand pads. This is training as a boxer without the getting hit part. You will build many skills including strength, speed, agility, endurance and hand-eye coordination for a fun full body workout. Boxing will shift your body composition and unleash your inner strength. It perfectly combines full body toning with cardio that burns massive calories. The intensity of the workout will not only create endorphins that will make you feel good, but you will be building self-confidence and releasing stress and frustration in ways you’d never expect. Coach Robert promises that this is the most fun you’ll have training in a very supportive environment no matter your fitness level.

Coach Robert Garrison comes to us with 30 years experience with 47 amateur bouts including the Golden Gloves. His boxing life started at age 16 at Rocky’s Left Hook, which is famous for being the gym where Sylvester Stallone trained for the film “Rocky.” In his US Navy days, he added 4 years experience fighting in Smokers and special events as an exhibition boxer.

Before becoming a boxer, Robert competed in judo starting at the age of 14 and ultimately received his brown belt 2 years later and continued training on-board the USS Ranger aircraft carrier. Following the Navy, Robert began a boxing program for neighborhood youth for the City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department so he has trained people of all ages to love boxing.

Inquire about semi-private classes, training with a partner or privates that fit with your personal schedule. Text or call Robert at 310-200-2192.

Robert Garrison
Certified USA Boxing & Conditioning Coach
Certified ‘Stretch to Win’ Fascial Stretch Therapist
Certified Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Therapist
Release Boxing Boulder