June Dip Challenge

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June Challenge: Dips!

Ring dips, box dips, p-bar dips, use bands, support your weight a little with your feet, any kind of dips you want.  Get a full range of motion which will vary depending on your shoulder and elbow flexibility.  Make sure that the shoulders are actively pulled back, especially at the bottom of the dip.  If you are keeping your shoulders pulled back, it should also prevent the elbows from getting too wide.

Avoid strain in your elbows by stretching the internal rotation of your shoulders.  Laying on your right side to keep the right shoulder pinned down, put your arm straight out in front of you, then bend the elbow to 90 deg, use your left hand to push your palm down in the direction of your feet.  Alternatively, you can try the following stretch: lay on your back and place your hand (palm down) under your hip, then squeeze your shoulder back to try to get your shoulder blade to lay flat on the floor.

Be aware of soreness in your elbows: if the lateral part of your forearms and triceps close to the elbow start getting sore, back off and do more stretching!  If soreness gets into the gap between the bones in the elbow joint, stop immediately!

Week 1: do 40 dips every day
Week 2: do 20 dips every day with the following tempo:4 sec negative, 1 sec push
Week 3: do 30 dips every day with the following tempo: 2 second negative, 2 second push
Week 4: do 20 dips every day with a 2 second hold at the bottom
29th day: do 40 russian dips
30th day: do 20 muscle up transitions

May Squat Challenge

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And May’s Challenge is… Squats!

Last piece of Murph prep :)
Squats are good for the soul, so lets do 50 squats everyday!

week 1 – 50 regular old air squats
Make sure you are not going so fast that you miss depth at the bottom or full hip extension at the top (but keep your abs tight; full hip extension does not mean you are arching your back!).

week 2 – 50 weighted squats (20#/14#)
Use any kind of weight you can get your hands on.  A weight vest is preferred, but you can use a bar or dumbbells or some big soup cans or a 5 gallon jug of water (1 gal of water is about 8.33 pounds)

week 3 – 50 air squats w/2 second hold at the bottom
Make it a legitamate 2 seconds, and make it deep, but stay tall and don’t let your lumbar round.

week 4- 50 wall facing air squats
Keep your arms straight and right by your ears.  Get as close to the wall as you can while maintaining your form.

May 29th: Memorial Day  “Murph”




April Push Up Challenge

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Strict Push Ups
April’s challenge is to do a number of strict push ups that is 4 times the date (4 strict push ups on April 1st, 8 strict push ups on April 2nd, 12 on the 3rd, etc.)

Before doing your push ups, check your positioning by doing the following:
Stand with your back to a wall, heels may be touching the wall or an inch away.  Keeping your knees straight, squeeze your glutes and your abs so that your lower back flattens against the wall.  Pull your head and shoulders back and tuck your chin, so that the back of your head and your shoulder blades press into the wall with the back of your neck getting as close to the wall as you can get it.  This is your plank position!  Now keep that position and turn to face the wall, toes touching the wall or an inch away.  Lean into the wall.  Notice that with the knees straight and the glutes and abs squeezed, the knees and hips do not make contact with the wall.  With the head pulled back, the nose should not hit the wall either.  Whatever part of you is touching the wall should be your point of contact at the bottom of the push up, and whatever is not touching the wall should also not touch the ground at the bottom of the push up.

















A tight plank position should be held the entire time with the feet together.  Hands can be positioned in a range of widths as long as the elbows can be kept swept back at least 45 degrees when the forearms are stacked over the wrists.  Do not allow the elbows to flair out wide or the shoulders to shrug up toward the ears.  Glutes and abs should be tightly engaged: lumbar should be flat, no break at the hips.  Also, the chin should be tucked with the head pulled back (no turtles!).

If a tight position can not be held, modify the movement by putting your hands on a step, box, bench, chair, table, or countertop. Modify sufficiently so that you can keep a tight plank position.  Your upper abs should contact the object you are putting your hands on at the bottom of the push up.


















Mobility March Challenge!

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Mobility March Challenge!

CrossFit isn’t just about getting stronger and faster, increasing dynamic range of motion and improving posture and alignment are just as important (maybe more important).  Our March challenge consist of 8 minutes of stretching each day (4 different sets throughout the month).

Days 1 – 8
2:00 kneeling wrist stretch: keep arms straight and hand flat, rock back and forth, change hand positions to get all four directions, plus try planting the backs of the hands on the ground with the fingers pointing towards your feet
1:00 ea side wall pigeon: keep butt close to the wall for a better stretch, try pushing the knee away for a different angle on the stretch
1:00  down dog: stretch shoulders open by pushing chest toward your knees, and push heels down toward the floor
1:00 up dog: push tops of feet into the ground, keep shoulders pulled back and down away from your ears
2:00 tall squat stretch: keep chest as upright as possible, keep the knees squeezed outward

IMG_6401 IMG_6404IMG_6403

























Days 9-16
2:00 kneeling shoulder extension: arms touching your ears, actively push the arms straight, try palms facing down and palms facing each other, keep abs tight
2:00 straddle stretch: legs straight and turn knees out
1:00 ea side supine twisty stretch: try knee bent and leg straight
2:00 gargoyle squat stretch; actively push knees out with your elbows

IMG_6414 IMG_6415 IMG_6417



IMG_6420 IMG_6421IMG_6423
















Days 17-24
2:00 seated shoulder flexion: alternate between hands facing away and hands turned toward you
1:00 ea side couch stretch: spend some time leaning forward and pushing hips toward the opposite heel, then get tall and lean back (butt toward heel)
1:00 ea side bend “C” stretch: adjust hand height so that you get a stretch in the lat and down the whole side of your body (down to the hip bone)
2:00 narrow squat stretch: hang onto something if needed, stretch the ankles, push the knees outward


IMG_6427 IMG_6429



























Days 25-31
1:00 ea side bully band stretch: don’t go too hard
1:00 ea side downward dog calf/achilles stretch: actively push heel back and down
2:00 barrel stretch: stretch with the roller in a couple different places (anywhere you’ve got ribs), anchor hands with weights if needed, focus is on getting more extension in the spine (even though the shoulders will get a stretch too)
2:00 deep squat stretch:  let the back round, just get down deep, keep knees out, shift side to side or make little circles